Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Single mom psychology, seeks the spousification of male sons

This is why the wire is a masterpiece. I consider it to be arguably the best show of all time, and it displays unapologetically the catastrophic consequence, that matriarchy exerts onto adolescent men. The video above depicts Delonda, and her son Namond discussing how Namond intends to provide for her... the mother, now that Namond's father has received a life sentence in prison.

The psychology of the single mother, a derivative of the female psychology in general, is on full display here and it highlights a very important process by which the single mother subjects her male children to a process of spousification, that places the adolescent male in the position of stand in husband, with all of the obligations and responsibilities that this implies.

This stems from the propensity for women to view children as resources, that are linked to provision from the father. In the event that the father is no longer able to produce wealth, the next best thing, granted the woman still seeks to procure financial stability are the sons of the father. Male children in matriarchal up-bringings where poverty is rampant become the de-facto breadwinners providers and protectors to the mother.

It's an extension of female thought patterns that view men through a filter of greed and usury, and the adolescent male in the single mother household, becomes both the husband and the possession of the single mother.

This compels the single mother to continue a process of emasculation of the adolescent male, that she feels she could never complete with his father, and since the mother being an adult, has full control over whatever resources are coming into the home via the everyman... foodstamps and welfare and other predominantly male funded govt subsidies, she can weild this desire to own and mentally castrate her own male child with complete power and impunity.

The adolescent boy being the progeny of his father will undoubtedly and specifically as he approaches manhood, take on both physical and other heritable qualities of his father and the single mom will actually build resentment to her son for this, furthering her efforts to emasculate, control, and spousify him.

All this of course creates a profound rift in the adolescent male's development and it can manifest in various ways in him, One being the adolescent male taking on the persona of hyper masculine bravado, a desperate mad dash to project as much Pseudo masculinity as possible, and i explain this further in my video titled deconstructing PUA fruads.

In this scenario the adolescent male develops an extreme distrust for other men, because he fears that any strong male figure will betray him in the same way that his father has. What isnt usually discussed is just how he feels that his father betrayed him, the generic supposition being that feelings of abandonment cause him to feel betrayed, but the part that hurts him the most is the fact that he feels that his father didn't rescue him, from the manipulations and attacks leveled against him by his own mother.

The passage of time provides the male youth with more independence and physical strength as well as a desire to challenge authority, the mother inevitably loses control and throws the rebellious son out onto the streets, populated by other males that are just as wayward and confused as himself, along with all of the unresolved male hostility and abandonment issues, and what results is violence.. lots of it

Are my claims nothing but psychological conjecture? maybe, but the fact remains that young adolescent males in single mother households are more likely to commit crime, and more likely to join gangs, that they describe as their family, and their brothers, and more likely to shoot and kill other men from other gangs, so we see amongst these adolescent males a need for brotherhood and male bonding, as well as a need to attack men which they perceive as being hostile. We need to start asking ourselves, to what degree is the absence of fathers causing this behavior as opposed to the degree that the presence of single mothers are causing it.

Thats right the presence of single mothers, lets start analyzing that for a change. lets start asking ourselves why, wherever we see single motherhood we see male on male violence, we see poverty, we see despair, why should we be handing out wick and food-stamps and welfare to single mother's when everything points to them being the problem and not the victims of it.

We see our society with all its talk about a war on poverty and urban renewal, and president obama blaming the fathers... on fathers day nonetheless, all in hopes of hiding the fact that single mothers are the ones in direct control of male youth in the matriarchal settings, they are the heads of these so called urban renewal projects, they are the ones raising these so called deadbeat fathers.

It is them that have held a generation of young men under siege, and our society loves to label them thugs and criminals an warehouse them in jail-cells like animals, but the truth is that single motherhood is the problem, not these men... these men would flourish, given the correct opportunities, but as long as single mothers are treated with empathy, sympathy and even praise our society, you can expect to be treated to the pleasure of higher crime and poverty rates, with no solution in sight.


  1. I get it, the man comes in and makes certain promises to a girl. She is young and naive and falls for it. She gets pregnant. Jerk dumps her. Son watches mom sacrifice for him and wants to help his mother out. He has a natural distrust of men because he doesn't see fatherly examples.

    Barbarrossaaa, instead of advocating withdrawl from society and manly obligations, you seem to be telling men to do exactly what the father has done, creating a perfect storm for young men to be susceptible to falling into gangs.

    Why don't you all just man up? If you keep advocating using women for sex, you help create MORE single moms, not less.

    1. No you don't get it you idiot. It is women driving men away.!

      WOMEN HAVE AGENCY! They choose to drive the men away, do you not get that?

  2. Clearly you know nothing about psychology- and even less about psychology of single mothers. It is scary at best to know that there are people out there that will make such prejudicial statements implying that ALL single mothers, that ALL women consider children resources. That is like saying that ALL males are child molesters and dead-beats who only want women for the sex and take off at the first sign of Responsibility. Such blanket statements proves just how much prejudice you have.
    Second, You might want to actually make sure terms you use actually mean what you use/believe them to mean. You are mis-using the term Spousification. Spousification is when a parent/parent-figure (males are JUST as likely to be the offending party as females) attempt to use a child in a manner that is how they should interact only with a spouse- and specifically involves either emotional sexual abuse (ex:talking in detail with child about sexual relations they are having with others (with their spouse or other people), talking with child about things that they Want the child to do or would want to do to the child), or physical sexual abuse.

    1. Sorry I grew up in a single mother household, Barbar is right on the mark here.

      Single motherhood by choice is social dysfunction, it is child neglect and child abuse, the woman chooses to be a single mother, so you can generalize.

  3. I'm in a marriage (for 10yrs now) and my wife asked me a divorce.

    I moved from Ohio to Texas to marry this woman. In the household was a daughter (the oldest child) with 3 children, 2 young adult boys who were as close as twins and terrorized the neighborhood and a high school aged son about ready to graduate with tremendous potential.

    1yr prior to our marriage, her oldest male son was murdered which effected his surrogate twin for years with devastation.

    My wife has conversations with this middle boy and will do "anything" in her power for this (now) 39 year old son. He can be across town and say he's hungry and she will jump from her seat fix something, package it and deliver it to him with pleasure. This past weekend, he was 200 miles away and with no notice, called his mother to come get him, she left dinner on the stove and ran to his aid.

    Now, she ask me for a divorce but, now I'm finding that she is suffering from I believe is spousification!!! I ALWAYS come second and there is nothing I can ever do about this. Before I was reading today and learning of this (I'll call) disorder, I couldn't put my finger on what the hell was going on but, everyone knows that NO ONE can come between her and this adult son.

    Just as important, my wife NEVER showed any visible sign of grieving after her oldest son died. Doctors and others told her she needed counseling but she refused. I'm beginning to feel that my wife is emotionally damaged and doesn't realize it!

    Her father was an Army brat and NEVER around. Mother was a Jezabel who died early and the mother allowed her to be raised by a minister who ended up raping her. She remembers NOTHING about her childhood growing up. I DO NOT know what to do. I will NEVER be "her No. 1" that is reserved for her adult son who's father would not acknowledge he or his brother.

    But, I feel that I took a vow...for better or worse and I intend on staying with her now that I'm beginning to better understand what I'm dealing with.

    Any thoughts?