Saturday, December 14, 2013

Female protester pictured kissing policeman accused of sexual assault

That's right darlings, a woman may be charged with sexual assault for kissing a police officer's facemask now. Demonize male sexuality, and get female sexuality demonized back in return....tit for tat, we didn't start this shit, you and your tyrant governments and politician servants did. enjoy a taste of your own medicine...

PUA's donating money for breast cancer

On top of the massive wealth transfer scheme which taxes men for the benefit of women, specifically their access to health services for breast cancer, a bunch of PUA charlatans have deemed it a worthy cause to donate 14 large to a woman suffering from breast cancer. Now to be clear, i have no ill will towards this woman, and genuinely hope she beats her battle with cancer, i genuinely do. With that said, do you think you'll ever, .... EVER, see these PUA frauds donate 14 grand to a man suffering from prostate cancer? No. Never. I share no kinship or brotherhood with these PUA's, i do not trust them, i don't like them.