Sunday, January 5, 2014

More "man up" nonsense from whiteknight tradcons

The following is a clip where Christian televangelist Mark Driscoll, doles out a cetagory five shame fest onto unmarried Christian men with girlfriends in his audience.  what follows is summarized below.

42 seconds in:

"You're still single and having sex"

Well Mr. Driscoll perhaps you can speak to the lord and ask us just what we're supposed to do when society insists on forcing us into a contract that allows for our legal enslavement in order for Christian men to have that good moral Christian marriage you insist on burdening them with?

52 seconds in:

"Some of you guys have already given her that look... don't cry don't let them know they're talking about me, just hold it together"

You've already intimidated her right here"

Oh yes those evil proto-rapists have  "intimidated" their girlfriends, how evil.  Intimidation is never acceptable and is basically domestic violence, except of course when I mark Driscoll , certified god ordained "real man", attempts to intimidate other men into a criminal illegal contract that can destroy them, then it's ok.

1 min 21 s

Ok and here's where we dial up the crazy.  Again I'll have to remind you that less than a minute ago in this clip, "real man" Driscoll was telling us that intimidation is wrong.  This of course applies only to the Christian women he worships, because in an explosion of rage, he releases all of the venom and hatred he has pent up against men in this little segue.

I suppose a sanctimonious little prick like Driscoll has to find some outlet for his repressed need to belittle others.  What better way than to get up on a stage and yell at other men in front of their girlfriends, I mean there couldn't possibly be an ulterior motive here, I mean what other reason would a man want to try to humiliate other men in front of women?  the only possible reason is serving The Lord... sounds reasonable to me.

Of course i'm exaggerating here, this whole thing is dripping with socially sanctioned female approved vitriol, and if you look at the transformation of his face, the way it goes from calm and relaxed to being contorted with rage all within the span of less than a second, one can't help being reminded of how charismatic violent sociopaths like Ted Bundy keep up their mask so so well, but once you get them to drop it, you get to see the monster within.  Do i think mark Driscoll is potentially violent? no, but he is a bit of a narcissistic self centered psychopath in my opinion, with a deep need to feel superior to other men, while dressing himself up as a righteous member of society for social camouflage.


"You're not an impressive man you're not an honorable man, noble man, and you're not a respectable man, you're not a responsible man in any regard, I don't care how successful you are if you are a failure in this arena it robs all of your dignity, all of your masculinity. There is no excuse for any man that claims the name of Christ to treat a woman in a dishonorable way...."

Ah and the classic spiel you get from these types. You can't be honorable or respectable or even masculine unless its tied up in some woman's approval process.

No wonder men are running away from all organized religions in droves, it's all woman dominated guilt tripping bullshit.  I'm betting that religious men, instead of listening to this man hating nonsense are opting out of the church (like they are with everything else), to commune with their gods on their own terms in their own ways without all of this gynocentric hogwash.

This is good. For men who believe in a higher power, my advice to you is to go out into the woods, surround yourself with nature, far away from the influence of women, and contemplate the meaning of life there, commune with your god there.  If you're an atheist, do the same thing just don't pray to any god.  Meditate, or do whatever you want, just... for goodness sake do not waltz into one of these televangelist's den of insults to be lambasted by one of these bullies.  Understand that these days freedom of religion is freedom from organized religion.  If you understand what that means then you're on you're way already.


"You change now little boy
And maybe one day you can love a woman"

yes little boy, strive for that pinnacle of manhood, and maybe perhaps one of those goddesses will reward you by allowing you to "love" her, and then, if you're real lucky, you can get on your knees... little boy...  and present to your goddess a diamond ring offering that some little slave boy picked out of some cave because god said so, and then, if you do that just right she may bestow onto you the nirvana that is "manning up", where you achieve peak male status by paying for her food, rent, manicures, shoes and purses.

If you do that just right, then she'll give you some kids that may or may not be yours, and don't you dare insult a good Christian woman by subjecting her to the satanic witchcraft of paternity testing! but yes, she might give you some kids that you'll never get to see while you're working overtime and that you'll get to see even less because she met some personal trainer at the gym, that, again, you pay for while she's working off that baby fat.  Now you can really man up, because now she wants a divorce, and you need to pay alimony and child support and it'll be fun!!


"And there's a handful of good men that are tired of picking up your mess"

You mean there's a handful of idiots that are tired of having to deal with washed up used goods, because the little princesses in mark driscoll's church only found god after miles and miles of bad boy cock was tacked on to their odometers.  Not my problem mark, you man up and marry those sluts,  as a man I know which side of that equation I'd rather be on, and you know what Mark Driscoll, I chose not to be the sexless brainwashed loser providers you're tricking men into becoming fuck you, and your fake ass churchianity.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Just some music

A bit of music that moves me.  Gaspar Noe, who directed the excellent flic "enter the void" directed this video.  What i love about it is the creepy open endedness of it all.  Just a silhouette, descending into the abyss, and then it ends.  Take of it what you will.  but it speaks to the soul as far as i'm concerned.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Man wrongfully convicted of rape. released, then ordered to pay $110,000 in back child support.

Disgusting. we need to stop this wholesale state sponsored robbery NOW. only in America, home of the "free", and its other western affiliates do we find such repugnant disregard for men's freedom. there isnt really much to say other than WTF.