Thursday, December 13, 2012

The delayed father-son bond

The world beckons at the young male adolescent, offering him promise of untold adventure, not just adventure but what feels like to him, (no question due to the brashness and naïveté of youth) like infinite adventure. He is at the budding stages of a male fascination with the world, a desire to explore, to challenge his senses and intelligence, to see how much he can extract from this chaotic world. These feelings turn him toward his father, he begins to realize that his father is far from the massive unflinching all knowing mediator of all things, but that he too went through this awakening, this great questioning of the world around him. He realizes that his father's seemingly inexhaustible stores of knowledge was a result of this same great questioning just beginning to trickle into his adolescent consciousness. It dawns on him that his father is a human being.

The death of the mother son bond correlates with the first time he recognizes the humanity and vulnerability of his father. All in an instant it occurs to him just how much of a thankless sacrifice his father has made to put food in his mouth and a roof over his head, and he recognizes that his mother was nothing more than a passive spectator along for the ride the entire time...thus the mother son bond dies, he can no longer respect his mother, at least not in any way approaching this new found respect he has for his father.

He has realized that:

A) His father is not an inexhaustible god that goes off to do god things for half the day and comes back home to encroach upon his child like comfort where mommy knows best.

B) His father is mortal, and that his father will eventually die, and that he will eventually become his father.

If the aforementioned lack of cognition surrounding a father's humanity sounds familiar, its because it's the way women view men in so called happy fulfilling traditional relationships...she doesn't acknowledge his humanity because like the pre-adolescent boy who can't conceptualize his fathers humanity, the full grown traditional wife can't fathom her husband's humanity either.

It is up to men to reject traditionalism, as it deprives men and their sons of an understanding of each other that could be forged much earlier in life... Instead, ironically the adolescent male and his father are alien to each other until they become aware of the harshness of their societies disposable view of them. Its time that men demand just as much of the formative years of their son's lives as the supposedly more "nurturing" mother gets.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feminist thought police and the Warren Farrell debacle

The above video elucidates clearly what feminism is really all about. A bunch of brainwashed fools who have secured themselves from scrutiny, trying to silence any and all who dare pose opposition to their stranglehold on university culture. The particular female feminist calling men interested in what Warren Farrell had to say "rapists and scum" didn't even bother to hide the contorted rage in her face, the seething hatred in her voice, the pure indignation that free speech contrary to the feminist victim narrative would be allowed on the same college campus where she is earning her useless women's studies "gender expert" certification (I won't insult those pursuing education in the hard sciences by using the word "degree" to describe her 4 years of victim-indoctrination).


If you notice at 3:57 to 4:40 , while this particularly nasty feminist was harassing a non threatening man about his attendance of the Warren Farrell seminar, after calling him "rape apologist scum" she says "these are the men that are going to rape"-- and then she catches herself for a moment, a slight inflection of the voice belies the deeper motivation behind her outrage before she continues-- "men that are going to rape the women in your lives". Her body language, the way she caught herself, is the behavior of a bully who lost situational awareness of the cameras documenting her. Much like the mass hysteria that labels you "unpatriotic" or an "America hater" for not supporting various senseless middle eastern wars, this feminist rape culture hysteria labels you a rape supporter for wishing to hear opinions contrary to the feminist narrative.


Listen to how she yells "fucking scuuuum!"(at exactly 4:27) as the police officer allows the gentleman to pass. She yells it out like a child throwing a temper tantrum because her daddy (govt. in the form of a police officer) has finally decided to not give her what she wants this time, no matter how much she stamps her feet or holds her breath. As I've said in previous posts, feminism operates on mimetic repetition of lies, a police officer choosing to ignore "rape culture, Rape Culture, RAPE CULTURE!" and choosing to instead preserve the right of free speech is a symbolic rejection of feminist power indeed. This feminist victim hood tyrant couldn't hide her anger that her oppressive gender narrative was, even for an instant, successfully challenged and dispatched.

That this is our societies reaction to a man (Warren Farrell) talking about issues that effect men, for the purposes of helping men, speaks volumes about societies vested interest in suppressing independent male thought. Just keep working, so you can get married and reproduce little men, nothing to see here...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Political correctness in the mens movement.

Stardusk has made an excellent video in response to my latest upload in regards to the self depracating manner in which many MRA's will obfuscate the complicity of the female, with the misandrous juggernaut that is feminism, by saying something to the effect of...

"Well men do it too, if men were given the legal power to destroy women in divorce proceeding they'd be divorcing in equal numbers" etc.

This is standard operating procedure (for self depracating, koombaya, and upon the collapse of feminism men and women lived in wedded bliss forever and ever) MRA types.

Never mind the study that I mentioned in my anti traditionalism videos, showing two and a half decades worth, of women exhibiting a 40% increase in initiating divorce if they were the primary breadwinners in the household. Here it is directly quoted from the article itself.


But career women who are the family breadwinners are nearly 40% more likely to get a divorce than women without the same economic resources, according to a 25-year study by Jay Teachman, a sociology professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash.

researchers found that the tipping point is when the wife pulled in at least 60% of the family’s income. Couples in this position were 38% more likely in any given year to get divorced. And it didn’t matter how rich or poor the pair were. Race, however, is a factor; more impact for whites than blacks.


According to this study, women, regardless of whether or not they are affluent or poor, will still chose to trade up and marry more successful men for wealth/status. This is hypergamy in its purest sense, and yet pointing it out in the manosphere will trigger knee jerk grand mal seizures from self loathing, utopian MRA's that have declared a war on pointing out any correlative behavior women exhibit with feminism.

In the land where unicorns roam, and correlative female behaviors must not be named, the ministry of love regularly gins out tripe such as the quote below for export to my channel's comment section:

If women could get off their ass and earn/invest at the same rate as the men we would see 50% divorce rates (roughly).

Unless you can aptly demonstrate hypergamous behavior as being STRICTLY a female trait then it is useless for MRAs or MGTOG to obsesses over.

Who said it (a troll with multiple sock puppet accounts) is irrelevant at this point. What matters is that we acknowledge this indigestible pig slop for the complete and utter NAWALT deflection that it is. Men won't progress in our understanding of women and feminism until we do. These types will invariably give you the "women are the great victims of feminism" conned by those evil evil...(insert your preferred bogeyman -Marxists, Rothschilds, the "Left"-) conspiracy theory. The qeustion they never ask is if feminism was a big bad conspiracy to destroy families, then why were ONLY women given the power to divorce without consequence?. If the goal was to destroy families, surely they would encourage and legally empower both men and women towards frivolous divorce.

Or wait, could it be that... (Nah never mind -shudders-)

Eh..fuck it I'll say it. Could it be that women are naturally inclined to divorce men the moment they don't need them anymore?. Could it be that men (generally speaking) are very much less likely to abandon their families than women are?

What am I doing contemplating such thought crime, we have feminism to destroy...right after we convince a few hundred thousand more women that we don't hate them. Onward ho! to the perpetual mens rights public relations campaign!

At the very least judging by the highest rated comment on stardusk's video, at least some men are catching on to the PC creep seeping into the mens movement these days.


More to come my freinds. Stay tuned.



Saturday, December 8, 2012

Male Contraception: Where do we stand?


Male contraception, for the men’s rights activist, it is the quintessential technological milestone of our time. It is almost pointless to say, yet point it out i shall, that there is immense power to be gained in the development of an effective and safe form of male contraception, of higher efficacy then conventional prophylactics and confirmed reversibility as opposed to the invasive and permanent male vasectomy.

A man, imbued with the powers of temporary infertility will find himself perched comfortably atop a pedestal of immunity, high above the shifting sands of heavily biased child support courts, which default to the presumption of motherhood in the overwhelming majority of child custody disputes. Pregnancies, planned and unplanned, as well as the extortionary legalities surrounding them are routinely used by women as a means of legal theft against the fathers of their children. A man caught in the gears of the western child support system can expect to pay a sizable chunk of his annual income to the mother, as per the mandate of a court system that will more often than not, refuse to enforce his visitation rights, and provide to him no process of confirmation as to whether or not the money he pays to the mother is expended solely for the benefit of his children. Consider the following graph:

2001 statistics, (the most up to date i could find) show us that a full 48% of American pregnancies are unplanned. It is a fact that women, with access to a plethora of effective birth control methods, ranging from female condoms and the intrauterine device, to the pill and the option to abort post-conception, have complete control over when they have children. The morning after pill can be had, free of charge at your nearest planned parenthood, a woman, more so than a man, and more so than at any other point in history, has complete power over when she chooses to procreate.

Knowing this…that just under half of all pregnancies are unplanned, at a time when women have so much control over their fertility, in a society where women can use children in custodial disputes to extract money from the father’s of their children, the conclusion must be drawn that a great many of these 48% of pregnancies are far from “unplanned”. Meal ticket’s, that is what many of these pregnancies are functioning as…reproductive extortion against men on the part of dubious, dishonest women. How can a man know, which woman may blindside him with one of these “accidental” pregnancies? He cannot, with the advent of male contraception, he wont need to. A man, in complete control of his fertility would find himself free and clear of this pesky 48%, free and clear of paternity fraud, he is free, completely, to never have children, or to have a dozen all on his own terms. It is imperative then, that men keep a very watchful eye on the development of such a contraceptive. Below is a (far from complete) list of some of the more promising efforts currently underway.


Unlike female contraceptives, which rely heavily on a hormonal approach to controlling fertility, RISUG (Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) employs a method involving the use of a polymer formed by the chemical reaction of dimethyl-sulfoxide with styrene/maleic anhydride. This polymer is injected into the vas deferentia, where sperm travel through during ejaculation. It is believed (though not confirmed) that the polymer, being an Anhydride, hydrolyzes on contact with water in spermatic fluid, this renders the polymer complex with a positive charge which, upon interaction with the negative charge of the sperm membrane renders them incapable of fertilization. The neutralization effect of the risug polymer can last a decade, and reversal is achieved by another injection of sodium bicarbonate solution into the vas deferens (although reversibility has only been confirmed during primate studies). Phase III clinical trails are currently underway in india under the auspices of the Indian health ministry, and is currently being marketed in the U.S. under the name vasalgel, where it is just beginning clinical trails. Regular updates are posted on the vasalgel facebook page.

The implications of risug can indeed be far reaching, it is low cost, minimally invasive, reversible, and does not sever the vas deferens like a vasectomy would. The fact that risug allows for extended efficacy at extremely low cost does not bode well for pharmaceutical companies who would prefer a relatively expensive, pill based, more than likely hormonal method of contraception to bolden their bottom lines with, something to keep in mind in predicting whether it will ever receive sufficient marketing here in the states. The market however is real; unlike India, who suffered from a dismal volunteer rate for phase III risug clinical trails, I believe that American men would be much more receptive to such a procedure. There are however, major hurtles to be cleared before the safety of risug can be confirmed up to American clinical trail, and FDA standards. Dimethyl sulfoxide is marketed and classed as a “dietary supplement” in America, allowing it to evade a more sringent inquiry by the Food and drug administration, its carcinogenicity and teratogenicity have not been sufficiently determined to clinical trail standards, only time, and the required science will determine the safety of risug, until then, we wait.

Genetic vasectomy

The Hutterites, an anabaptist communal religious sect similar to the Amish, which reject all forms of contraception, and encourage large families among their people, have provided to modern science an ideal population to investigate the genetic causes of infertility. Scientist’s, conducting genetic study on Hutterite men with one or more children identified over 40 genetic regions responsible for influencing Hutterite male fertility, many of which are of course, universally related to fertility in all men. These fertility influencing genes were then examined in animal studies, where rodents were given drugs that would cause genetic mutations relating to the suspected fertility influencing genes. The mice that displayed infertility after the administration of the drugs were then studied to see what genetic change occurred which caused infertility.

It was found that the gene Katnal-1 was essential in the formation of fertile sperm in mice. Without the genetic information transcribed from this gene, a specific protein responsible for sperm maturation cannot form. It is believed that Katnal-1 has this same essential function in human sperm formation. If a drug that inhibits the production of the protein that correlates to the Katnal-1 gene can be synthesized,we will have a functional male pill on our hands, better yet if advances in the science of gene therapy, and epigenetics allow us to effectively silence Katnal -1 gene expression all together, we will have a non-hormonal genetic vasectomy at our disposal. Of course for such a procedure to be technically considered a contraceptive, not a vasectomy, it would have to allow for a repletion of Katnal-1 associated protein… Scientists are predicting such a form of contraception in 5 to 10 years.

Contraception via ultrasound

James Tsuruta, assistant professor of pediatrics at University of North Carolina School of Medicine, has conducted a study on the effects of ultrasound on sperm production. It was found that mice, subjected to regular doses’ of ultrasound produced sperm counts of 3 million per milliliter of semen, in humans any sperm count under 20 million per milliliter is considered low. Human Sperm need very specific temperature conditions to retain its fertility, sperm cannot survive if it is exposed to temperatures exceeding past or decreasing below, a small temperature window of approximately 37 °C. When undergoing an ultrasound, the targeted tissue vibrates as it comes into contact with sound waves, this creates heat which when applied to the testes of mice, killed sperm on contact.

The effect of the heat from the ultrasound is believed to be working in concert with other factors that aren’t completely understood, since the sperm levels of mice who received heating without ultrasound did not decrease as significantly as those that underwent the ultrasound treatment. It is possible that the ultrasound may manipulate cell behavior and gene expression, in the testes, thus until extensive, further animal studies are performed there will be no human testing.

Feminist efforts to stop development of male contraception

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho, a Brazilian endocrinologist and a human reproduction scientist, was attempting to develop a low cost non-hormonal male contraceptive from an extract of Levant cotton (Gossypium herbaceum). The video below describes his appeal at the world population congress in Budapest to garner support for a male pill, to witch prominent American feminist’s, including Betty Friedan were vehemently opposed; he quotes Friedan as saying:

“Dr. (Coutinho) do you think we’ve fought our whole lives to have in our hands the decision of having children or not…do you think we’re abdicating that?, men say they’re on the pill, woman believe them?…Do you know what you are, what you all deserve?…to have credibility ,swear you’re using pills just to get laid and leave?…leave us with the responsibility and then ‘the pill failed’”

He then claims that the feminists’s present began chanting “no male pill” repeatedly, and claimed he was told:

“WE take the pill. When we want to get pregnant, we stop taking it”

The implication is clear, since the presence of a male pill would not negate the existence of female birth control, the only motivations behind the suppression of male contraception is that of denying them reproductive control, the same reproductive control that women have enjoyed now for decades. Despite “moderate” feminist’s that swear by their ideologie’s benevolent aim for gender equality, we see feminists time and time again, training their sites on the advent of truly benevolent advances in male power, we see feminist’s resisting the male pill for the purposes of securing and upholding a female monopoly on reproductive rights; it is of paramount importance then, that men actively fight for and pursue all avenues of male contraception unapologetically and as fervently as possible, stopping when, and only when it is a glaring reality shining in the face of feminist in the face of feminist hypocrisy for all to see.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Introducing the Trad-fem

Lately I've been noticing a trend of traditionalist and feminist entitlement mentality, showing up in interviews with women in various media outlets. These women generally acknowledge the damage feminism has caused, but only in terms of how it has affected women and/or how men have been rendered unable to meet the demands of "real manhood", they exhibited under traditionalism. The whole thing makes for some weird hybrid of traditionalist feminism (Trad-fem).

As you can see from these interviews the general trend is "We're thankful for feminism and all the rights it gives us (blah blah blah), but we still need our "real men" where have they all gone?"etc.

These women are dripping with expectations, entitlements and selfishness. Make note of them, and know that they exist.