Sunday, December 2, 2012

Introducing the Trad-fem

Lately I've been noticing a trend of traditionalist and feminist entitlement mentality, showing up in interviews with women in various media outlets. These women generally acknowledge the damage feminism has caused, but only in terms of how it has affected women and/or how men have been rendered unable to meet the demands of "real manhood", they exhibited under traditionalism. The whole thing makes for some weird hybrid of traditionalist feminism (Trad-fem).

As you can see from these interviews the general trend is "We're thankful for feminism and all the rights it gives us (blah blah blah), but we still need our "real men" where have they all gone?"etc.

These women are dripping with expectations, entitlements and selfishness. Make note of them, and know that they exist.


  1. to me, these women have a bulbous eyed look of greed as they talk. As if they they are more than aware what they're getting away with and joyously reveling in not just the feeling, but the reality of their entitlement.

  2. Betsy Hart is a long-time conservative, not a feminist in my view. She may exhibit the feminist characteristics that the society in general has taken on, but she is a traditionalist by inclination.

    That said, I think she should be viewed as a potential ally of the MRM, not a perpetrator of blue pill logic.

    1. @The Contratian Expatriate - I don't think you understood the point of these videos, maybe you should watch them again. Traditionalists are not allies of the MRM any more than feminists are. They're just as bad for their misandry.

  3. The distinction between fem-trad and MGTOW is huge, and called 'freedom.' I am blessed to have been exposed to these ideas, and to be able to expose others. Like chicken-pox may these ideas spread through the youth!