Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feminist thought police and the Warren Farrell debacle

The above video elucidates clearly what feminism is really all about. A bunch of brainwashed fools who have secured themselves from scrutiny, trying to silence any and all who dare pose opposition to their stranglehold on university culture. The particular female feminist calling men interested in what Warren Farrell had to say "rapists and scum" didn't even bother to hide the contorted rage in her face, the seething hatred in her voice, the pure indignation that free speech contrary to the feminist victim narrative would be allowed on the same college campus where she is earning her useless women's studies "gender expert" certification (I won't insult those pursuing education in the hard sciences by using the word "degree" to describe her 4 years of victim-indoctrination).


If you notice at 3:57 to 4:40 , while this particularly nasty feminist was harassing a non threatening man about his attendance of the Warren Farrell seminar, after calling him "rape apologist scum" she says "these are the men that are going to rape"-- and then she catches herself for a moment, a slight inflection of the voice belies the deeper motivation behind her outrage before she continues-- "men that are going to rape the women in your lives". Her body language, the way she caught herself, is the behavior of a bully who lost situational awareness of the cameras documenting her. Much like the mass hysteria that labels you "unpatriotic" or an "America hater" for not supporting various senseless middle eastern wars, this feminist rape culture hysteria labels you a rape supporter for wishing to hear opinions contrary to the feminist narrative.


Listen to how she yells "fucking scuuuum!"(at exactly 4:27) as the police officer allows the gentleman to pass. She yells it out like a child throwing a temper tantrum because her daddy (govt. in the form of a police officer) has finally decided to not give her what she wants this time, no matter how much she stamps her feet or holds her breath. As I've said in previous posts, feminism operates on mimetic repetition of lies, a police officer choosing to ignore "rape culture, Rape Culture, RAPE CULTURE!" and choosing to instead preserve the right of free speech is a symbolic rejection of feminist power indeed. This feminist victim hood tyrant couldn't hide her anger that her oppressive gender narrative was, even for an instant, successfully challenged and dispatched.

That this is our societies reaction to a man (Warren Farrell) talking about issues that effect men, for the purposes of helping men, speaks volumes about societies vested interest in suppressing independent male thought. Just keep working, so you can get married and reproduce little men, nothing to see here...


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  1. As far as I'm concerned they can't mature past the age of 12.