Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tidbits of misandry

I'm a bit of a Netflix addict, as it allows me to watch a television series all the way through without having to wait all week for a new episode. I've decided to start compiling the worst instances of blatant misandry I've seen in the various television series I've watched, and I need help narrowing down exactly witch episode a certain misandric scene on the television series "the shield" took place. A bit of background information first:

David Aceveda, plays the character of captain of "the barn", a fictional LAPD precinct known for some very questionable dirty cop antics in the also-fictional Farmington district of Los Angeles, California. During a gang bust on an apartment complex Aceveda had reason to believe that incriminating evidence on Victor Mackey(a rouge detective member of the barn strike team) was present in the apartment being searched. After the uniformed officers assisting in the bust left, Aceveda remained in hopes of finding credible evidence on Mackey. During his search, two gang members returned to the apartment he was searching, disarming and overpowering him, after which he was forced at gun point to perform oral sex on one of the gang members. Eventually Aceveda confessed to his wife Aurora what had happened to him during the gang bust. In response to the horrific news of her husbands rape, she reacted with disgust, as though it was his fault. When he continued to show signs of trauma months afterward, she eventually treated him to one of the cruelest versions of "man up you pussy" modern tv has ever produced.

This was an excerpt from the a season recap, if you could not understand her clearly enough, she, in no uncertain terms told her raped husband, "I'm tired of feeling like I was raped too, whatever it is you have to do to get over it (the rape) do it already". It goes without saying that this would never, ever fly on prime time television if the genders were reversed. I wish to catalogue these little tidbits of misandry, but unfortunately I can not find the exact episode to record the scene in its entirety. If any one is willing to help determine the episode in question it would be greatly appreciated.