Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kobe to divorce: feminist divorce industry claims its next goliath

What not to do? ^^^ this

The feminist divorce industry has poached another 12 pointer, this time Kobe Bryant. But honestly i cant say i feel sorry for him. lets review the facts.

- Kobe bryant is a millionaire NBA star

- He decided to get hitched to a video ho

-California law requires a marriage of 10 years in order for a woman to be eligible for alimony

-Kobe's wife is divorcing him after 10 years

Do the math. It seems that even the most successful men still have a infantile need to live happily ever after with that one special lady!

Only that special lady is just another instinctively feminist, greedy western skank, biding her time for the big payout.

Just observe the body language, her face tells it all... such is the countenance of a parasitic predator, observing every expression of her husband's, host's face probing for any resistance to the sex-anesthesia she has secreted into him over the years. The reactionary cunt probably had the divorce planned out before the marriage even occured.

Enjoy kobe hopefully the pussy was worth it.

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  1. So it's never that the man is an intolerable asshole. Hmmm... It's ALWAYS THE WOMAN. Boring.