Tuesday, December 27, 2011

your vote counts for nothing... "vote or die" morons please jump off a cliff

The american political process is devoid of any real choice... What i mean to say is that your vote, despite your being fed a seemingly never ending directive telling you otherwise in the days leading up to any major american election, your vote counts for nothing. The most important component of any accurate tally is of course its verifiability, yet not a single american has any irrefutable proof that his or her vote is ever even counted.

We pull a lever, we leave and we expect elected officials and a media machine run for profit by corporate and political interests, to tell us if our politicians are still elected. Its utter foolishness... When people tell you to vote they are telling you to suspend reality plain and simple. Its convenient for the average american to assume that their vote is tangible and real and valuable, and so we see a mass acceptance of an un-certifiable election process because the illusion of choice must never be tampered with, if they american prole is to continue his own demise.

There are football games to be watched after all. But we the american people have no real way of verifying any conclusive election result, and what most likely is the case is that there is an inaccuracy, and even a complete falsification and ignorance of any electoral process at the expense of the american voter, as one heads further and further out from the intimacy of local governance.

To imply that there is in fact unknown and unseen entities that truly are in control of american politics, is to be branded a nutjob lunatic in america. It is of course a knee-jerk reaction for any disenfranchised civilization to attack those who point out the writing on the wall, no matter how clear and legible it is. But im not going to rattle off, some speech about the rockefellers or the jews or whatever, because none of that can be conclusively proven,

True power when wielded correctly is almost always invisible. Im going to simply state, that the situation is very clearly one in which a robust media machine is functioning as a vast feeler apparatus designed to tacitly gauge the general public consensus, via polling, and creating the illusion of objectivity by introducing a controversial issue, and debating only a limited set of viewpoints. Conversation framing if you want to call it that...

The media functioning as this feeler apparatus is then of course required to have an intimate knowledge of public consensus... when enough pressure is exerted by the public, the trajectory of the political body will reflect that, its not the true wishes of the people but a manageable facade of what the people think that they want and need from their political intelligentsia.

If a war is needed, then the stupid american proles will be groomed for war, they will be asked... but really told their opinions of whether or not a diplomatic or military solution to the problem in whereverstan is favorable, counting on the fact that they will never ask themselves whether either is necessary in the first place. the average american is so out of touch with reality that any behavior, absolutely anything can be introduced, debated normalized and accepted within a period of a decade.

The sad state of american manhood, has been reduced to the beer swilling sex crazed sports acolyte, through this very process. The effeminate self hating vegetarian male heterophobe, as well the pseudo-christian red-blooded evangelical war mongering right winger are prototypes of the same kind of operant conditioning. Not a single original thought between either of them exists, and in fact every american cultural archetype arose through this culture/perspective assembly line, we have no sovereign consciousness.

Its no surprise that our political process has been, taken over completely, not co-opted, but completely commandeered, so as to be rendered useless... So dont tell me to go vote, and dont tell me to vote or die, i dont give a shit about a fake political process, i dont give a shit about mitt romney or newt gingrich or obama, or taking precious time out of my day to go pull a lever in a booth to convince myself that i have any control. I guess that since americans generally are aware that they are getting fucked over by the state, they at least demand a lever to pull to make them feel special and important, its very romantic, but a futile childish gesture devoid of any political potency. The real possibility for change lies in the swaying of minds, and the changing of perspective, since this political system is one that eschews exactitudes, all that is needed for a change in divorce and child support law, is the appearance of enough resistance to it, so that the powers that be run the risk of showing openly that the wishes of the public can be ignored. this is the political future that men must confront, one of generalities, where perception and reality are synonymous with one another.


  1. A famous man once said that who votes does not matter. What matters is who COUNTS the vote...

  2. "But im not going to rattle off, some speech about the rockefellers or the jews or whatever, because none of that can be conclusively proven"

    David Rockefeller, himself, in his own memiore, admitted to working on a one world government.