Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flawed male desire leads to traditional parasitism

I'd like to talk about what exactly commensurate compensation means. Commensurate meaning that if I as an employee or a business owner provide a service, then I expect to be compensated to a degree that is commensurate with the value of that service. The reason I say this is because certain women that come on my channel seem to have a predilection for telling me, that they are "good" women to their husbands...

Not resembling feminists and their constant demands for female privilege. And so I would like to appraise the services these benevolent women offer to their husbands in hopes of determining just how important the alleviations you offer are to your men in terms of burden relief. So a lot of it boils down to a simple exchange of sex for resources.

Ok is that commensurate? Well each man can decide that on his own but that still leaves us with the question to be answered in the general sense. Is your sexual recompense such that it alleviates all if the pressures and stresses exerted on your husband?

In physics we study force; the laws of physics state that when no net force is exerted on an object then the object is in a state of rest. Meaning that if one force is exerting more force than another, it is not at rest. With that said is your sex counteracting the force exerted on you husband such that the forces exerted on to him by his 70 hour work week are negated?

If they aren't then you, and the sex you dole out are an inadequate recompense for his efforts.

We want solely for the interests of men to find out whether or not the traditional wife provides enough bang for her buck, in the hopes of furthering the interests of the men listening to this and if we arrive at the conclusion that your sex is not commensurate then we will, regardless of what traditional homemakers have to say about it, pressure more and more men to do away with their desire to provide for a woman.

So we ask then who gets the better deal? the one giving out the sex, or the one working to support the one giving it out in hopes of continued access to it?

If sex was adequate compensation then why do men die earlier? These good women would have us think that they're doing their part. Yet it's funny because every time I see a husband and wife out in public one seems to be aging less, with this relaxed smug look on thief faces, almost as if they know they're getting away with with a better part of the deal.

Weve all seen these walking vestiges of masculinity with the wife and kids in some walgreens pharmacy on the weekend looking dead behind the eyes... resigned to his fate, and to you generic american husband i feel nothing but pity...

its pitiful to see you drag your dried out exoskeletons wherever the misses leads you, wondering why the weekends pass by so fast, and why the workweeks last so long and why you never get to see your kids, and why your too tired to see them anyway, and never once do you ask yourself why that suburbanite prostitute passing for your wife doesn't get off her lazy ass and start helping you out.

well because the sex, only you get it less and less now dont you? only even if you were still getting it as often your still slated to die earlier because you... and this is the part where you should listen and listen good... you are not receiving commensurate exchange.

you see we men have been told that this is a division of labor and indeed it is, thats exactly what it is... a categorically unfair division of labor. The loving traditional wife wouldn't be so loving if she was the one pulling a 70 hour work week, and what then would your loving traditional wife say when you attempt to pay her in sex

That form of payment is good enough for her to pay you with but not good enough for her to work for and receive as payment.

So what's the point? To encourage less and less men to participate in western traditional marriage, and to show that traditional marriage came out of a reality that simply does not exist anymore, and most importantly, women that claim to want traditional relationships consisting of turning dials on washing machines and dishwashers and doling out sex while you go out and bust your ass to support her, are deceptive, and selfish parasites that are perfectly fine with letting you slowly degrade your own male vitality and health to make things easier for her...

Men have been conditioned to think that they are worthless which is why we are so obsessed with proving our worth to women. We have to earn our way out of worthlessness which is why most men don't give a damn that the vast majority of homeless are the same gender as them, men are worthless, and you with your job and your mortgage and your responsibilities, you my friend are just a little less worthless than that male bum on the street, aren't you.. That mentality is what gets us into trouble.

women are paying us with the counterfeit currency of sex, and to be honest, most men arent even paying for just sex they are paying for some skewed form of motherly companionship. Many men secretly fantasize about some kind of constant motherly female affection is my best guess from what ive observed. Its far from just sex, we have a weakness within ourselves that desires female affection.

We as men have a bad habit of imagining the ideal women as being kind, inviting and warm, and someone that we can show our weakness to, but the reality is that women simply hate weak men. Its the cold hard reality that men need to face and address, you will find no solace in the bosom of a woman i assure you.

No you see it is time for men to stand up and look around them and see that it is a very cold place, and you are the only one that can pull yourself up out of this frigid There is no mommy coming to save you men, there is no mommy to make you feel safe, and as a matter of fact women despise men that show any weakness, because they want to be taken care of.

Thats right they despise you for wanting the same things that they demand from men. security protection reassurance etc. these things a man must earn, by overcoming insecurity, and danger in order to earn self assurance which women respond to... But it still boils down to one fundamental truth. men you are alone, in the eyes of this society and the only ones that will be rewarded are the ones that perform, and perform well according to this societies standards.

if you think for a second that in this society your inherent personhood matters as a man, you are sorely mistaken. This society just does not care. There exists a very real power however in knowing exactly where one stands, no matter how desolate and isolated your situation is.

If we know we are alone, then its possible that men just might for once in history find it mutually benefecial to help each other out for a change, to stop crawling over each other to get to the top and start asking ourselves why is it the we always seem to start at the bottom while the other half of the human race gets a leg up in every conceivable way from the state, and from our culture in general? Why are we made to compete with each other, to tear each other apart and hate each other, in order to gain acceptance from the very people that hate men for being at the top, and hate them even more for being on the bottom of the societal ladder.

Our main weakness as men lies within our inability to recognize when and how men are hated, we want so desperately to believe the illusion, we want so desperately to be liked and wanted and needed, that we have lost all sort of instinct for self preservation, to the point where we will literally jump in front of knives and bullets for women we dont even know. The system is not designed for male contentedness, it doesn't want male happiness, it wants you to constantly feel incomplete, it thrives off of your insecurity , it needs you to question yourself, it needs you to be in constant fear... Of what exactly? of being alone of being a virgin, of continuing to have sex after your no longer a version, of being muscular, of not going bald, of this of that of everything. Because remember you are not allowed a shred of weakness or vulnerability, it stifles the spirit of men it is pesticide on the male soul, and i want out. I want out...go ahead, repeat it for yourself, see how it makes you feel to say it... I want out. say it my fellow men we want out. there is real value in saying this because society still has no clue, their pumping out these man up articles one right after another arent they? have we raised a generation of men that dont know how to be men? where have all the good men gone? how come women are outperforming men in this and that?, they simply will not come admit that this is a result of a sustained effort to disenfranchise men, one in which the end result can only be, men turning their backs on a society that will to the bitter end hate on men for doing so. Becuase you exist to serve, there wont be an equal treatment of male victims of domestic violence, for example no matter how much the inequality of it is pointed out, simply because you as a man have no right in this society to demand equal treatment.

Such a thing would spell death for this society, and so to demand equality from this society is to demand that this society voluntarily carry out a process of self implosion. I certainly wont say that men shouldn't fight for these things. They most certainly should.. im simply making the claim that our society...western society as we know it, cannot exist, in the event that men begin to enjoy equal protections under the law fully.

And so my conclusion is simple, men must understand the following statements


Traditionalism is no longer functional in a society where technology has progressed to a point where it has cut the net working time of a homemaker in half, and the women that are sticking to traditionalism, are merely enjoying a free ride at the expense of you the provider workhorse, and they know it. Its about time you take note of it also.


Women do not like men for their inherent personhood, they like what you can give them, once you arent giving it to them, whether it be excitement, or sex that they enjoy, or money then you are simply a non entity to them. Meaning that women have no conceptualization of masculinity outside the scope, of how they can benefit from it. And so they see it as nothing more than a transactional mechanism... a slot machine in which they have thanks to biology, a very good idea of when and how to pull the levers in order to hit the jackpot. See the excerpt on briffualts law in the description box in regards to this. Also even when you are providing to women what they want, they are always testing you to see if your still man enough to provide it, and in the period of time that you still are man enough, they on some level resent you for being able to do so, see also my video sharon Osbourne demonstrates innate female misandry in the description box.

there is a very real power and strength to be extracted from the modern western male admitting to himself, hat he can and will experience vulnerability, and moments of weakness, just like women get to. This is not quote “getting in touch with your feminine side” and that very axiom proves my point, that any expression of vulnerability is associated with the female... meaning that if men show any vulnerability, then they are exhibiting female behavior, its just anther way of shaming men to take the bullshit that women never have to endure. Men will not truly understand their strengths until they are allowed to explore their weaknesses, and its time we wrestle away the the monopoly that women have on vulnerability. Yes men have historically been pillars of strength, but even atlas shrugged, and you will to many times I assure you. And so along with male sovereignty I want to introduce the concept of male vulnerability, in hopes that men begin to define it as an concept that is independent of all things feminine and is uniquely male,

Finally, to make it clear as I have numerous times in previous videos. These videos are being posted, as a resource for men. More specifically MRA/MGTOW minded men. I do not care about female input, although I allow them to watch. If women have something to say, in the comments section, please make sure that you keep it relevant to mra/mgtow topics. The time for debating women has passed a long time ago. If you want to debate the merits of the mens movement, go do it over at feministing


  1. Amazing and insightful video!
    It's good that you have started providing scripts for your videos because it would make easier for people to translate your videos into other languages.
    Keep up your good work.

  2. You are my idol and a hero. I love you brother.

  3. Barbarossa. I am a 42 year old man that was raised by a single mother. I witnessed as a child as she denigrated my father and everything male. It instilled in me early in life a basic mistrust of women. So I avoided without consciousness intent marriage and children. About a year ago I discovered your youtube channel and it was like a bomb went off in my mind. Everything fell into place. Thank you for have the courage to say what has to be said. What must be said. I have shown your blog and channel to several young men at work, early 20s and I can only hope I have saved someone from terrible pain. Keep up the good work, all of you Stardusk, girl writes what and everyone else fighting the tide of misandry.

  4. To Justin Hall. It is sad to find out the kind of damage single, bitter mothers can do to their boys. I wonder how many men out there feel the way that you do. I too have the same issue. With more single mothers around I truly feel sorry for male sons who will eventually have these issues. You coming forth sharing your experience has soothed my own pain. Barbarossa, has been one of my idols from years back. Great analytical skills. Eye opening truths about men and women.