Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ah yes, i remember this..

The male and the female, a shining artifact of the past. What a powerful little dialogue here, a woman telling a man he should love himself!

Yet this my freinds is a cautionary tale, if you think that 99% of the entire female population ANYWHERE on earth, but particularly in the west are like this, you are sorely mistaken. And the propensity for men to beleive that there exists his own private angelic warm and sirenic soulmate, is the cuase of much male suffering. Too often men ridicule and laugh at the knight in shining armor fantasies that women dream up... this desire for a man to come and sweep them off their feet, ride them off into the sunset... the desire to be rescued forever and ever

We laugh at these fantasies becuase we know that this fictional ethereal male archtype that women seem to have dreamed up, is very unlike the actual male human being, and his wants and desires, we laugh becuase thier veiw of the ideal male is so dramatically opposite to the reality in terms of how the male mind operates, that we see it as nothing more than wishfull thinking from an irrational female mind, an infantile need for a second daddy.

Except what you just saw is the male version of this fantasy, an affectionate accepting madonna filling the male void with kind words and agenuine connection, satiating the deep-seeded mother-need that rests within most men. thats what ive decided to call it... male-mother-need.

It is the male condition being one that displays variance down to our very chromosomal makeup, in the form the XY, that has imprisoned us in a constant make or break existence. Societies, and civilizations have benefitted well from an almost boundless male deductive capacity... the ability to see the unseen, is a hallmark of the male, and civilization as we know it demands it in a cold mechanical sort of way, constantly testing the limits of the totality of its men, and exerting incredible pressurres until the next male provides that next critical insight, that ushers forth a wellspring of change.

This pressure, while benefitting the civilizational group as a whole, exerts an incredible amount of pressure on men as a totality... and they are viewed as a totality. The individual male, his hopes his thoughts and dreams are irrelevant in the eyes of a society which views him as just another potential insight rich vein in the giant watershed moment mining operation.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual male that doesnt understand societies required indifference to individual male desire, he may very well seek solace, in the fantasy that there exist... somewhere ... a kind, caring exceptionally warm woman that willl demand of him, only what he demands of her, simple companionship and affection. therein lies the danger, this is what motivates men like MJ or Kobe bryant to pair up with one woman in marriage and take great financial risk in doing so. for all of our incredible powers of logical reasoning, we cant logically conclude, that women never did like us... for us. such an epiphany, would thrust the individual male into a darkness that has for eons terrified him. he is alone. and unless he does something useful nobody will see any intrinsic value in him. This raking clawing threat is compounded many times over in men of wealth and status like Michael jordan, his wealth and fame, compounds the need for a genuine connection with a single, and in his mind incorruptible female. Icredibly wealthy and emotionally needy men are the holy grail of the predatory western parasite after all.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." Henry david thoreau

thats what were so scared of, were scared of the possibility that were only wanted in this society because of all the things we do to sustain it, we have a creeping suspision that in the event that a society could somehow build and sustain itself without the contributions of men, that its only a matter of time before that society would seek to expel its men.

so i introduce the term male civilizationale draw: and define it as a force chaaracteristic to all civilizations exerted onto the totality of its men as though an industrial resource, for the betterment of the men women and children, in the civilation but at the expense of only men, which is designed to maximize male innovation.

Rather than honestly looking at what appears to be a reality in which the totality of females view the totality of men as an unfeeling and untiring renewable resource, to be drawn upon, we place our faith in the female, or rather the individual female, who would never think to use us. this is why we as men tend to magnify even the most trivial acts of kindness from women as being proof positive... or rather disproof positive of the overall trend of female usury in regards to men

is my assessment wrong, my prognosis to grim? too much of an exaggeration? you do know that the majority of homeless are men, why?... for all the reasons i just gave you, because if single mothers where the majority of homeless youd see a society up in arms

we all know that there are women having children they cannot pay for because they know that welfare, and wic and food-stamps will pay their way, its no secret, the question... is why are these programs put into place?... its simple, we care when women are out on the streets, but when men are out on the streets, its somehow their fault accross the board regardless of individual circumstances because of civilizational male draw.

this is no plea for sympathy, just a wake up call, you can choose to look for your own private little paradise on earth in the form of a woman that most likely doesn't exist, or you can start to exert pressure onto society by refusing to feed it, stop being scared that you might not ever find the right woman, and start being scared, and then angry that society is using you on multiple fronts without consent. never in history men had the opportunity to truly understand themselves, our ientity has always been strained through a female filter first and then offered up to us condensed in a solution of chivalry and misandry but this is what im offering all of the men listening to this, a chance to contribute to a shift in male thought and attitude whether women and society want it or not,, taking such a path, does not involve swearing off women, it merely involves accepting something about their nature that will for the rest of your life, render you incapable of viewing them in the form that society has drawn them. this is what male sovereignty is, hatred f women? dont flatter yourselves, weve been indifferent for a long time now..... the questions and the answers to them are now being framed in such a way that it can be devoid of any female input. and the question must now be formed shaped, and eventually answered by men. what path will men take going into the future? This is your next watershed moment men, except this one has the otential to free men for good. many men say that the objectives delineated here are impossible, that men are biologically incapable of rendering themselves free of the influence women and society have over them. i say its not only possible, but necessary. we discovered and split the atom we can do anything we please.


  1. A great post.
    Took me years and many arguments to be weaned from this need for female validation.
    But as men we have to grow up.
    There is no hot blonde life coach.

  2. The best writing on the male condition I have ever read. It is painful to hear at first and sometimes my conscious mind wrestles with the idea but it rings so true in my soul that I can't ignore it. I return to the YT video every now and then to dose myself with this reality. I feel free each time I read this aloud. Like that feeling you get when you escape a relationship and that heavy weight of male role expectation is lifted from you. AHHHHH..... This is the future of the MRM, this is the unfolding of mankind into a new consciousness. I know I sound like a hype man but this is seriously how I feel. This theory of civilizational draw is undeniably a complete game changer.
    Marlon above... well put, no there is no blonde life coach- damn it.

  3. Hi, i am not sure but I think that this video clip is also with a feminist agenda, showing the male as weak and the woman as strong, that the man needs a woman to make something out of him. correct me if im wrong.

  4. check this out

  5. Even so-called "feminist" women often attack men for being human beings with their own vulnerabities and emotional needs. Men had a deal many years ago. The man would provide survival-resources for the woman and their children - and she would provide the man with emotional comfort, kind words, and a soothing presence. It is a myth that most hard working men fantasised about coming home to their wives, dominating them in the household and dominating them sexually in the bedroom. As the provider, he is a human being and he wants a fair return on his investment. People should not assume that most men would enjoy bossing their wife and children around or even be willing to tolerate an overly-needy wife after they come home from work.

    Of course, feminism changed things. Women were FORCED to start working as much as men; even though they've mostly stuck to different and safer professions than men. Thus, when both come home - both are tired and fed up and emotionally needy. But society teaches people to be selfish and self-absorbed, and thus the woman is too tired to address and cater to the man's emotional needs and vice versa.

    Men are human beings. We are quite capable of perpetuating the survival of the human race AND have needy feelings too. To hell with any "woman" or "man" who castigates a man who declares himself as human, as opposed to just another plough-horse.