Monday, January 9, 2012

Women surpassing men in - insert feminist talking point - ....

Im so tired of hearing women boast about how much better they're doing than men... Do you honestly believe that we aren't aware that the state has bent over backwards like a contortionist just that women could reach parity?.... Is it possible that women as a whole have not the intellectual honesty to admit to themselves that a massive figurative leg up has been extended to them?... one which is at the expense of men?

You simply don't understand your degree means nothing in terms of breakaway scientific achievement... There is male learning and there is female learning... Male learning is typified by it's independence of deadlines and curricula, no matter how much one attempts to trap it in ordered snippets of learning it follows it's own path, and is experimental. Einstein so eloquently put it by saying.

"i want to know Gods thoughts; the rest are just details"

Male learning is exploratory its conquistadorial if you will. Is conquistadorail a word? Is it found in the dictionary? I don't know and I don't care, because it has conveyed to you a characteristic of what I call male learning. It doesn't have to be in the dictionary, the purpose of words are if course to convey meaning, I took the my basic understanding of the English lexicon and instead of rigidly limiting my use of it to words found in a dictionary, I chose to add to it, since I am not bound by the English lexicon in my study of it, I can challenge it and add to it.

That is male Learning, we learn the basics of something and challenge it, until we arrive from already established knowledge to something that is unknown, and yes my example is a rather simplistic one, but this type of learning can be scaled up to challenge to the most enigmatic and obscure questions of science and discovery, men aren't afraid to learn and challenge theoretical physics either we simply aren't content to absorb knowledge, it won't suffice we. Must add to it

That is why men excel and women don't, because we don't like to be told that this scientific concept causes that scientific concept we have to know why, and when were provided with the established and accepted reasons for why one of us is bound to say to himself

Hold on this doesn't sound right
If the established reason for said phenomenon is a then why does b behave in such a way that so on and so forth yata yata and I present to you the next revolutionary scientific concept

Male learning to sum it up is taking things you know, and extrapolating to find something unknown.

And women listen and listen good

All the degrees in the world won't make you think this way, all of the help from affirmative action and women's only grants won't catalyze the spark of brilliance in your minds, if you want the privilege of thrusting yourself into the unknown and returning triumphantly with whatever your mind can grasp then you will have to earn it, you have to pay for a ride on that caravan and begging govt to tax men for you in hopes of decreasing your fare won't get you there you can't pay by crafting lax standards for women

you wont make the net great scientific discovery by getting straight A's and turning your assignment in on time, Einstein was a below average b student, and as result couldn't even find employment as a physicist or even a scientist of any sort, his best employment prospect was the swiss patent office, and it was there, where through sheer imaginative brilliance he thought up the theory of relativity, not in a classroom full of brain dead memorizers trained to regurgitate what the teacher wants you to say.

I myself make sure that before i take any college math or science course, i by the book ahead of time and teach it to myself, im not happy unless i taught it to myself and questioned it first, and more often than not what you discover is that even phd'd mathematicians and scientists teaching thee courses have incredibly inefficient and redundant ways of teaching, id rather learn myself locked up in a room with nothing but coffee time and pen and paper, and the fact is that most women would like to instead be told exactly how to solve a math problem step by step, without ever challenging or exploring the math, and until this changes women will simply not excel or even compare to men in regards to science..

Inevitably ill see a comment on this video... yknow a woman, implying that i just dont want to see omen do good in these Fields or some other nonsense. no to the contrary, i celebrate intelligence.. true inquisitive intelligence in women as much as i do men, i find intelligent capable women the anomalies that they are to be intriguing and interesting and even attractive, i enjoy coming across such women. probably due in part that so many other women are simply too lazy to put in the necessary work to learn.. not memorize but to learn. spare us this pitiful bragging about how your outperforming men. we all know the reason and your not fooling anyone.


  1. Bitches don't realize how good they have it.

  2. Lazy bitches bragging really and despite the state bending over backwards to make them look superior they have yet do anything ground breaking like back when the USA male only scientist we were going through fighter jets so fast that the USN literally retired 10 planes in less than a decade from 1953-1960!

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  4. How can "ANYONE" listen to someone saying... "wif" and "birf" for the words With & birth?