Friday, August 2, 2013

Those clever Japanese and the quest for sexbots

Thanks to subscriber Blood Rabbit for sending me this. It seems that the Japanese are implementing more and more complexity into the development of a potential sex bot. The video below shows us that with a little less rubbery texture to the skin, less reverb in the voice, and more fluidity in the mannerisms and body language, this machine could come very close to accurately emulating a human being. At this rate of development, it could be mere decades before a viable realistic sex bot is produced, quite frankly, as much as I enjoy non committal sex with the few women I fuck regularly, I would drop them in a second if a realistic alternative were to become available...


Blood rabbit writes:

You may have heard about them, but these robot women are really coming along in Japan. The Japanese say that by 2050 there will be robot prostitution, completely circumventing the (western imposed) ban on prostitution. Of course no one but the most backward countries -- theocracies being one example-- would make robot prostitution illegal. Who knows though, perhaps many theocratic nations will no longer be theocratic by that time.

The history behind how these ultra real sex dolls (the non-interactive variety such as real dolls) got started is interesting. It was a Japanese charity that made them for disabled men (incels). Rather compassionate, hey? They appreciated how cruel it was for men to go without sex involuntarily and indefinitely.

Not after too long, they realized it had a lucrative market (duh). I hope they're still giving them out as charity too.

I'm not certain where the ultra life-like ones such as Real Dolls began, many think of them as an American creation but I bet the original creators were Japanese.


The way I see it, with things such as this, artificial wombs will have to be created. Sure there will still be men and women having sex, and giving birth in the natural way. But with things like this, I don't think there will be enough men and women having sex to keep the worlds population up, and that is certainly true of Japan where things are already in the red.

But also, I am certain women will jump on the artificial womb thing as well. They'll have a way to reproduce without it effecting their career or life too much (and without wrecking their bodies, so they can continue having their sex appeal and ability).

Many women in Japan aren't wanting to have children either as they prefer their career and hobbies. I think what is happening in Japan not only shows the future of western men, but western women in many ways.

I think part of that is you've got non-western society which is as developed, industrialized and modern as the west, but a very small country, an island, and has a life that was never sustainable in the long run .. at least not by conventional means. They realized that in WW2, however that didn't turn out well for them. They've built it though and they want to keep it (I hope they do), so they are going to have to do some radical things. Technology is their only hope, I believe.

The point I'm trying to make is, due to all of these factors we are seeing an accelerated model of the west, I believe. In what is happening in Japan, we see the west unfolding at a faster rate, in a sense. Many things that we are seeing in Japan isn't uniquely Japanese issues, but inevitable issues that come with the evolution of modernity.

Interesting times ahead gentlemen.


  1. At what point are female Sexbots likely to incorporate inbuilt artificial wombs and are we at some point likely to see sexbot variants like female Reverse-Cyborgs (think Armitage III), where the brain is artificial (yet potentially advanced enough for mind-uploading / body-swapping) while the body is more or less human despite feminists and wider-society claiming to have ethical concerns of all things human-derived?

    Do agree with you and Blood Rabbit that the best way to sell such technologies outside the Manosphere would be to highlight the beneficial applications towards women and wider society, while giving little to no mention of how such technologies can also benefit men.

    While catering to female whim and ego on such technologies and even going as far as to exaggerate how liberating it is to women (akin to the pill, etc), men can below radar quietly use the technology to build up demographic strength and better serve their own interests.

    Assuming governments will still possess the fa├žade of democracy down the line (given the world currently appears to be heading towards Neo-Feudalism), they will see the potential of men as a large AND self-perpetuating voting bloc to pander to due to men using the artificial womb to have children, with women likely having fewer children despite the existence such tech.

    Given how female nature is and how aside from "unplanned" pregnancies the birth-rate is still plummeting, it could potentially lead to a scenario where fewer and fewer human children in the future descend matrilineally from a natural / baseline human women.

    The only question with technologies like the artificial womb would be how it translates in other cultures (Islamic, etc), for example would they use such technology for warfare and do away with women entirely (apart from non-muslim women in the form of booty from warfare) or would they grow complacent pacified and ultimately self-destruct with home-grown sexbots and artificial wombs that only produce males.

  2. One may also wonder if, once appropriate software is available, such "cybercuties" may be programmed with emotion and femininity simulators.

    It is a fact that many men do enjoy a woman's approval, a "woman's" admiration (both sexual and otherwise) and perhaps most important, a "woman's" affection and appreciation.

    Granted, a set of emotion program would be considerable advances over mere sex/masturbation and would initially be quite expensive, but it would be the next logical step-especially given the fact that modern women STINK!

    Beyond that, or maybe alongside that, aesthetic and information storage programs dealing with solving domestic, household, and perhaps childcare routines, and the first cyberwives would be created (or evolved). Their superiority over existing women (unless there are really major backlashes against both feminism and the superficial "sex conservatism" discussed above) will be obvious and probably grow over time!

    Who said modern feminist career bitches can't be replaced with automation?

    1. Also, I forgot to add Idol groups, maid cafes and the like. These simple things can satiate most men in Japan who seek it as an alternative. It would only take a sexbot with very basic AI and interactivity to trigger the chemical reaction in the brain. It's all in our heads, after all, be it real or simulated.

      And yeah, the cost of the bots would be crazy in the beginning -- but things continue to drop in price ever faster as the speed of advancement continues to increase.

      Before long newer, more advanced models would be out for those who could afford them, ways to reduce and/or streamline the cost of production would be discovered (how much they'd use that to simply increase profit is debatable) and the older models would become ever more affordable.

      All the while the most basic and increasingly affordable model would be plenty enough, I believe.

  3. bar bar,

    Can you do a video on prostitution and why society continues to prohibit it? I find it a very fascinating subject, especially since discovering researcher Laura Agustin's writings about prostitution abolitionism/prohibition and what she calls the "Rescue Industry."

  4. No need to re-invent the wheel. Just improve upon an existing yet flawed design. I was watching a TED talk where neurosurgeons used deep brain stimulation to stop a woman's OCD that was driving her husband crazy. Non-invasive neuromodulation is being developed and will help stabilize women's tempermental nature and mood swings, much like the BC pill did for PMS.

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  6. t isn't as if these dolls are going to be sentient or something, also that's being a bit too far-sighted in my opinion. I don't think we'd face those issues --if ever-- until, I don't, a few centuries? All of that is very interesting speculation and definitely fun to consider as an intellectual exercise; however, I think you're going a bit Ghost In The Shell there (ha).

    Anyway, these dolls only need be realistic enough emotionally and interactively to trigger that chemical reaction in the brain. Like how some fall in love with anime characters or characters on dating-sims.

    Ones smart-brain knows they aren't real --lest one is insane or in process of becoming so-- yet the more primitive region of the brain believes otherwise which works out brilliantly. Bar once touched on men enjoying women in relationships while keeping in mind that the feeling is like any intoxicant and should be treated as the fantasy it is, lest you begin to think it's real i.e. climb up the rabbit hole, as it were.

    I think satisfying the primitive region of the brain --without putting ourselves at risk-- is key to not slipping up and doing something stupid in regards to female relations. Many Japanese men -not just 'otaku'- have 'waifus' and affection for dating sim characters as a way to have their instinctual and emotional needs fulfilled without the trouble involved.

    Point is, these dolls personalities need only be as real as a dating-sim characters. That only requires very basic artificial intelligence which has long existed. Then with realistic bodies, you can also have sex with them which is the one thing you couldn't do with an animated or digital female.

    Thinking about it, this should be plenty enough to satisfy those the most powerful longings in regards to this which are rooted earlier regions of the brain.

    Add to that, what you do with the creativity and imagination of your more advanced brain further raises the possibilities of fulfillment (yet one would have to be weary to not lose touch).

    mixproject .. don't know if you're joking or not but I don't like that route. I remember long ago being incensed when that drug was discovered that made male rats extremely inclined towards monogamy, and I remember the serious comments from women, one I remember clearly "Can we give this drug to the men of America?" She was considering that it might be an idea for the betterment of America that men were force fed this drug as policy. Woman was dead serious, too. The sheer stupidity coupled with arrogance...

    Point being, that sort of thinking in any form is dangerous regardless of which gender you're proposing it to. Human liberty free from oppressive interference or conditioning is something of paramount importance.

    Men, and women, should be left alone unless either of us need --and request-- fair and legitimate human assistance of some basic, vital and pressing sort.

    I'd have women be free to do, act, and be however they wish -- only without us and unnecessary governmental and community support. It would be interesting to see what then happens. And you never know, they may well surprise us.

    In fact, I think many -as individuals- will. I've seen women who didn't pursue nor use men as their primary focus do, and create great things. They were focused primarily on their hobbies and passions... good things came of it which anyone, male or female could enjoy.

    The deletion was simply due to grammar. I need to learn to use preview.

    1. BR,
      Millions of men and women today are drugged with dirty pharmaceuticals and spend countless hours in therapy simply to remain functional in their daily lives. Aldous Huxley saw this coming. I think we can do a heck of a lot better to help folks struggling with mental health and behavioral issues in a proper clinical setting while still respecting people's dignity.

    2. I'm sorry but that's not a valid argument, it's a rationale. You sound like you are trying to sell me a car (ha).

      Ask yourself if you're alright with 'non-invasive' methods to cure men of, say, their pride and sometimes counter-productive combativeness. Hell, those things sometimes irritate me about men.

      Would you, or most men be cool with that? If you aren't down with that idea, then you should know why it would be wrong for women to get unwarranted 'treatments' for their natural biological and neurological eccentricities.

      Also, your argument is not valid as neither man nor woman are flawed; in that, we're precisely how we are intended to be. There's massive line between treating clear abnormalities of nature, and re-engineering or 'fixing' natural human biology.

      Feminists have long labeled perfectly fine and natural male traits and/or quirks as being illnesses that need to be corrected. You sound no different.

      Many things about women may annoy you, but frankly that is your problem. If you can't deal with them, you should avoid them rather than propose poking around in them, if you catch my drift.

      Women will never go for that, nor should they. Have you tried putting yourself in their shoes in regards to your proposition? Are you are able to? Were I a woman I know I'd give such a proposal a resounding eff-you.

      Aside from it being wrong as well as setting a bad precedent: Why consider routes that will never happen rather than things that not only will, but are already happening?

      The sexbots have happened, and will eventually be available to the general public - it is a certainty. What you are proposing will never happen (nor should it). That said, where's the sense in pondering a shot as long as Mars?

      Let's be practical here. If you dislike female nature so much that you want to re-engineer them, then stay away from them.

      Personally, I like fully fleshed-out (and human) females for the most part, warts and all. I simply don't want serious relationships with them anymore .. for a number of reasons. That is my issue. Albeit an issue which will, en masse, become theirs too. At which point that will be their issue.

      What I'm saying is that we should all own our own issues.

  7. BR,
    We are improving upon nature all the time. and likewise man will continue to improve upon the human condition, including the elimination of undesirable afflictions and disruptive behavior. Civilization requires reasonable constraints on human behavior for the good of society. It is true that selfish women often describe healthy, active male behavior in pathological terms, when it is in fact women's own actions that can be the most damaging to the social order. Whether or not the majority of women are capable of moral agency and critical thinking in the first place is another debate, although the current statistical and anecdotal evidence suggests not. The technology is more or less already here, human trials are underway. Man has tamed other feral animals in the past, and woman is no different.