Thursday, August 1, 2013

Responses to Parker's challenge

This is one of the responses to the video I asked my subscribers to analyse of a mother manipulating her son after he refused to return to her home after a visit with his dad (her ex husband). Here is the video in question


This reads more like a synopsis then anything else, but i will be updating this with more entries soon.


In a recent youtube video a 14 year old wanted to stay with his father, but had to speak his decision to his manipulative mother and essentially subvert her addiction to authority. This mother asks her son to come out of her ex's car and into house, pushing him to stay for visitation. By his desire to stay in the car, his mother's house sounds like a negative environment for him, and this is furthered by military school threats. Ultimately his mother is more preoccupied with her feelings than his, and uses over an hour of emotional outbursts to try to get her point across. She feels its "underhanded and disrespectful" for her son to have emotions.

She uses youth pastors and religion as a way to keep her son under the grip of her incessant neediness. She threatens to call the cops, essentially to validate her own controlling nature and inability to understand her son. Her white knight husband stands beside her and barely says anything, probably already a slave to her habit of cutting people down to make herself feel better.

She attacks the biological father's masculinity repeatedly in an attempt to get her way. The teen says he wouldn't screw over his biological father, and then his mom tries to guilt trip him saying he has screwed him over, and has probably forgotten, attacking her son's masculinity and his own personal decision to leave her in order to get her way. She asks if her ex is high or drunk, another attack on his masculinity, making him out to be a stereotypical male dunce because he holds more social authority than her in the situation. Then she says that the father is a bad influence, but is unable to label any habits she finds disagreeable.

She says she thinks her ex will shoot her if she uses force, vilifying him, and trying to make it seem as though the negative environment is the positive one with the stepfather. She asks him if its right that he's abandoning his siblings, suggesting he won't be able to see his baby sister. Then she threatens anger management class for her son when she's angrier than he is, a class thoroughly refuted in an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit.

She says "its hard to handle emotions", but she seems to have little control over hers. After going back and forth between insulting her son and ex, she starts touching him and invading his personal space to get him more upset to get him to give in. She says its not his decision who he spends his time with, showing her own selfish need to control the people around her.

The mother then starts crying like a child because she can't get her way, and acts like the entire manipulative conversation she just spent a half hour on didn't happen. She tries to open the car door to force him out. And starts giving him a scolding after a crying fit failed. She tries to call this the biggest day of her son's life, saying that she got him a car, trying to bribe him after every threat failed.

She says he's a child and he needs to come with her, but the second cop that comes says he is free to stay in the car and that its his right. She cries in front of the cop trying to get her son back out, then holds his hand and won't let go. She tries to make her ex-husband look like he is anti-police in an underhanded attempt to get the police to protect her own selfishness, regardless of what her son wants. The son has to push his mom to get to his room and get his things, because she slams and blocks the door.

After over an hour of dealing with his mother's controlling, manipulative outbursts, he finally escapes her house for good. The rest of the people in the house aren't so lucky..