Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reddit post elucidates western civilization's gynocentrism

This image was posted on reddit with the following caption:

"As a formerly homeless male who got treated like shit by most charities, this is how I feel when I am asked to donate now that I can afford to."

Im glad to see this.  A man, unapologetically saying that he would rather help men in need, instead of the corrupt sexist "charities" that spit in he face of homeless men.

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  1. Reality.

    I have a recent friend who was thrown out by his wife. He became ill and lost his job.

    He was refused help to find a roof over his head - not female, not an alcoholic or drug abuser.

    He spent 18mths in a tent in the woods with his dog. He could have died but for his friends rallying around.

    I am going through a divorce now. Despite the blatantly vile behaviour of my wife (which would not be tolerated had I behaved like that) my lawyer simply said I had one BIG disadvantage at law.

    I have a pair of testicles....