Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Japanese birthrate plummeting, rejection of traditional gender roles cited

An interesting video on why the japanese are refusing to reproduce at sustainable rates.  we see women having access to education, and men rejecting traditional gender roles cited as a reason.


  1. Hey Barbarossaa!
    Just found your blog. Now that I'm disgusted with you tube I decided to look farther afield and perhaps open my own blog. I found a firefox addon called alert box and set it to check your blog for changes every two hours. That way I'm informed when you post.
    By the way I'm Vention, one of your regular donors.

  2. hey vention. like you im disgusted with what youtube has done to the comments section. ill try to be posting here more often and unfortunately will still post videos on youtube since its still the largest video hosting site out there. it is what it is man.


  3. Ya, you tube is a tool but it's not the right tool for every job. I think I'll start a blog if I can find a decent alert software or addon. Alert box wasn't cutting it. Now I'm trying the "update scanner" addon.
    A big part of the pull you tube has is it's ability to let a viewer know when a new video has been posted. Finding a piece of software that fills that function is pretty much critical if we're going to get any degree of independance from you tube. Just about no one is going to subscribe to 30 blogs and check them every day. The alert process MUST be automated if it's going to work. I hope "update scanner" (a firefox addon) works well.

  4. Fuck football. Fuck beer. I welcome the tsunami. :]

  5. Surveying women 16-24 y.o.? Yeah, girls imagining a future of smashing the glass ceiling without a clue about real life.

    How about when they start feeling their clock ticking (26-34), when they realise what working for 40 years looks like because they've done it for a few years? Realise that without a hubby and father for their kids that their career is everything for the rest of their lives...How do they feel then?

    "70% of women who have a kid don't return to work", yeah they know a soft option when they try it.

    Ten years down the line, I don't believe men's opinions are likely to have got softer. Their future is as a wage slave for two/three people.

    This might not be a sex-specific issue in that age group, but what happens later? Crap journalism that takes a survey at face value and fails to look at deeper issues.


    Konkatsu (sp?) @37:00

    Sorry about the English bimboid presenter.

    First interview has a woman saying marriage was important if she was to have a comfortable life...

    And the prayer card from a desperate woman; "Let's get married! Nice guy, nice face, whatever...just soon"

    Sounds like "where have all the good men gone?", sounds like a problem for the women, not that they're not interested in men.

    love your videos BTW

    'Spawny Get' at