Saturday, February 16, 2013

MRM growing increasingly tired of partisan hacks.

Can't say I'm surprised, but Paul Elam at AVFM has called out Chapin and his perpetual attempts to inject a trad-con right wing agenda into the MRM. I myself have grown tired of addressing these people but I'm glad that the dust is finally settling on a consensus...that being, that the mrm has rejected political partisanship (without denying a need for political action) and that the values of traditionalism are endemically gynocentric and anti male (without forcing anyone to adopt any alternative lifestyle for themselves). I really don't get all the controversy over AVFM using the term MHRM. I Prefer the original term of men's right's activist (MRA) and I will continue to use it, but I'm perfectly fine with AVFM using their own syntax for the mens movement.



  1. I put up with the mild disagreements at first thinking them to be trivial. But him and Mr E just couldnt keep their fucking traps shut about wanting everyone to become right wing or else they'd be communists. It got fucking boring.

  2. Tradcons and libertarians. Oh, and christians.
    Having said that, in the MRM they mainly manage to stay on-point. It's only the occasional one.
    As always:

  3. I was an early subscriber to Chapin as far back as '08 and I just don't know what happened.

    I really don't oppose other people having disparate views on a similar issue, however I think neither side is being very congenial about this.

    Men who believe that the institution of marriage is salvageable are deluded.

    The whole system is just asking for men to walk away and allow it to collapse.

  4. If the MRM or whatever you want to call it is to have any effect and be a real social force it cannot be a right-wing movement. Period.

    The MRM will remain a joke to ignorant people and unheard of to most if it is not inclusive as can be, reaching out to all males and focused on the universal issues males face from all backgrounds in a feminist demented society.

    Besides, having been a progressive male and read left-of-center websites ranging from mainstream Dem shit to the waaay far left, I believe feminists absolutely are dependent on *liberal* male support...

  5. For the love of God...thank you! That chapin guy has been mercilessly derailing us for years, and almost nobody calls him on it. I have wondered for quite some time if his entire youtube account was merely an astroturf effort to inject neocon pablum into the MRM. The faster this clown is exposed the better off we will all be.

  6. as a long time Chapin subscriber, some of his points I agree with and others I disagree. the problem with conservatives is that they're quick to embrace a higher power when people who originally had those ideas (often times called "classical liberalism") had no use for God. even Ayn Rand didn't, and she's their right-hand lady. If you want true conservatism, Goldwater-style, remain as fervently individualist as possible. there is no god but man, which ironically reflects the ideals of Satanism. so therefore I think what is traditionally known as conservative values shall not mix with religion. that's where Chapin and I disagree.

  7. PS: also, considering most women are self-centered and often collectivist, this would be counterproductive to the MRM, which is where I agree with barbarossa on, there should be little to no female influence within the MRM because of these negative qualities.

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  9. if republicans can't court mra votes then they WILL court feminist votes instead

    just so you know

    oh, but that's right! you don't believe in voting cuz the left vs. right is all a dog and pony show run by reptile aliens or something

  10. There is a certain traditionalist in me that would be pleased at the "Victorian" manner of relationship between men and women, but I am realistic enough to realize that it must be, for starters, truly bilateral. Women want men to be "chivalrous" when it benefits them, and want us to be "new age" egalitarian men also when it benefits them-with NO reciprocity on their part!

    Sorry, ladies, but you made (our) beds, and you have to lie in them just like we do.

    No "patriarchy" here, and no "chivalry" here either!

    You see nothing wrong with women developing themselves "needing a man like a fish needs a bicycle". At this point, men need women even less-they are toxic, greedy, and self-absorbed caricatures with an immensely inflated sense of their intelligence and importance, with no benefit to men (as a gender)whatsoever!

    Today it is MGTOW-Men Going Their Own Way.
    Tomorrow, it will be MGTOW: Men Going Their ONLY Way!

    Modern women-enjoy your "liberation"-You'll need it! LMAO!