Sunday, February 24, 2013

Costa Concordia: Unbelievable Whiteknighting

I'ts truly an amazing thing to behold... The level to which men can pathetically scrape the bottom of the barrel to remain in servility to women. These three men, the quintessential trad-con workmules that they are, insist on faulting men for exhibiting and acting upon the strongest biological imperative there is (the will to survive).

They are cognizant of, and very pissed off at the changes that feminism has wrought within society, but unable to lay any responsibility on the feet of the opposite sex, because you see, it can never be women at fault for spitting on all the sacrifices that men make for them. It can never be women who feel so entitled to male disposability and utility that they view it almost as an automatic entitlement they are owed, no, you see MEN are at fault here. Their crimes? No longer being willing to risk life and limb for a bunch of female ingrates that think it a "real man's" onus to die for them.


In these men we observe a remarkable binary of thought, a doublethink of sorts. They hate feminism for destroying traditional gender customs, from wich they derive thier entire masculine identity. And yet they can't bring themselves even, to reject protecting the same feminists from some hypothetical attacker in a "dark alley" because, why? Because they're still women, and the traditional masculine role is to protect women, all women, from harm at all costs... Even the very feminists they claim to despise. Pay attention folks, this is pure unadulterated gynocentrism on display here.



  1. I'd be shoving my way to a life boat or a life preserver.

    I hope those women know how to swim, because I'm not going to sit there and drown while they get a spot on a lifeboat talking about how "equal" we all are.

    Fuck that, Barb is on point as always.

  2. I'm old enough to remember when guys would shrug off the "liberated woman" nonsense. Now that men's roles are delegitimized, women wonder why men won't "man up"?

    Just try to "man up" and go traditional on a woman. The constant fighting isn't worth it.