Thursday, August 28, 2014

On inoculating the culture

When men start seeing themselves as men first, we can begin the process of inoculating culture into a pro male perspective


  1. Heh, the male pill will stop global warming.

    When the male pill finally gets here there will be a giant slapping sound.

    The sound of a billion female thighs slamming shut the western world over.

    The resultant female frigidity will permanently reverse global warming.

  2. A male pill?

    Hell, George Soros wants world population reduced to 8 million, not 8.

  3. "I don't contribute to rape or violence towards women in any way."

    You don't NOW.

    But you will when they eventually succeed in rewriting the rules.

    Which is why all this tripping over yourself to prove how harmless you are does nothing but display weakness to them.

    Also this MGTOW philosophy is actually very dangerous!

    It doesn't take into account evolution.

    What happens when men who are smarter and prouder (for genetic reasons) 'go their own way' while only supplicating pussies and blithering idiots get married?

    What's male posterity going to be like?


    Male pills, sexbots, VR sex, etc. will make very little difference in the balance of power if by the time they get here all the men are panda bears while all the women are still grizzlies.

  4. bar bar, can you please detail some of the oppression that Sunni Islam is responsible for against women?
    I notice that seemingly everyone, almost without exception, will agree that Saudi Arabia, for instance (the stronghold of Salafia/ Orthodox Islam), is oppressive to women.

    I would hope that MGTOW and MRAs and men who realize how much the government and media sources lie would be more careful and reserve judgment on other men until they can see through the smoke screen.

    Men of intelligence and sincerity really need to begin reaching out to each other and sticking together....... reasoning together. Because the women sure seem to be, also the dummies in general.