Friday, March 23, 2012

Heterosexual Suicide Serially Ignored In Misandric West

I want to start by saying that im fully aware that family guy is known for its controversial humor. And this video does not in any way advocate for the censorship of the show in any capacity. In fact I think its important that shows such as this are allowed to push the envelope of what appropriate and inappropriate humor. I say this out of a basic desire for the maintenance of free speech rights, but more importantly in this case…. I say it because it allows us to gauge certain standards of humor, specifically the boundaries that a society erects in the form of inappropriate and appropriate humor in hopes of minimizing the amount of humor that can be derived from another human being's suffering.

In every society there exists a fine line between humor and an insensitive attempt at it, and each individual society has different tolerance levels for just how much humor can be derived from the suffering of a specific group. In this case we have the heterosexual divorced male, and what this scene tells us is that it is in fact OK to ridicule heterosexual male suicide and in a way that graphically depicts the actual suicide taking place. Even in an animated media format, with a show known for controversial humor, I simply do not think that in this PC climate, and especially with the recent suicides involving female and homosexual high school youth… I don’t think for a second that family guy would depict, these scenario's, the actual act of suicide for any of these two groups.

I believe that society would deem it insensitive and cruel, I believe that a humor boundary has been erected within our society in terms of gay suicide, and I also believe that no complementary precautions exist for heterosexual male suicide. Specifically when dealing with the issue of suicide prompted by divorce, homelessness, and post traumatic stress disorder. The question is why?

The lack of empathy towards male suicide is a function of female entitlement, in its purest form. That being that the female … on perhaps even a biological level, believes she is inherently more worthy of life than her male counterpart. Female biology dictates to women that they should do whatever it takes to not find themselves fighting in the middle of a warzone, and if men, that cant handle being fashioned into trained killers, and being dropped back into society after murdering people reach their breaking point and start killing themselves off in record numbers that’s okay so long as women don’t have to.

As a result our society has furnished sex specific draft registration for men only.

A 2009 CBS study that gives the suicide rates per 100,000 veterans compared first to the general public, and then broken down by gender.

The results show that for 2005 and 2004 suicide records indicate that over double the rate of suicides occur In the veteran population , then in the general population and they cite this as evidence of an epidemic of suicide among the veteran population. But the fact that by gender, for both years three times the amount of male veterans committed suicide, than female veterans was not attributed to an epidemic of suicide amongst the male population. Why? Because if we give men a reprieve from the societal expectation that only they should have to carry the burden of war, who does that leave to pick up some of the slack? The gender that believes that they are inherently more entitled to live.

In regards to divorce and suicide we have the Marital status and suicide in the National Longitudinal Mortality Study Quoted as such:

“Divorced and separated persons were over twice as likely to commit suicide as married persons. Being single or widowed had no significant effect on suicide risk. When data were stratified by sex, it was observed that the risk of suicide among divorced men was over twice that of married men . Among women, however, there were no statistically significant differentials in the risk of suicide by marital status categories.”

The implications are of course that women are given the vast majority of wealth during divorce, when most of the times she put in minimal effort into the acquisition of it. Shes granted custody of the children 90% of the time as a means of facilitating this wealth transfer, and often times granted alimony payments which simply have no moral justification. Predictably male suicide spikes, after divorce, this isn’t exactly news, but what isn’t discussed is the deeper meaning behind these statistics. Society has furnished for these purposes an incredibly biased court system because they put more importance on the financial security of women, then the lives of the husbands that are driven to suicide from the effects of the divorce that women initiate in the majority.

We see this willingness to bail out women over and over in this society and to be frank im not going to cite evolutionary psychology as a cause, because to be quite honest I could give two shits about a highly speculative branch o psychology that places women as the justification for every ignored male hardship this misandric society manages to produce. And im not going to tell women to change either, what I am going to do is to tell men that they can drop out.

You're not the quality of woman you can attract with your bank account, you're not Saturday night at some ridiculous bar that you would never be at otherwise, you're not designed to live this way. Escape from society and along the way deprive it of every last damned male expectation it has of you.

Every possible interest you have that society attempts to ridicule due to its lack of ability to attract women, do it and enjoy it unapologetically, every dollar you earn, keep it spend it on yourself, not shoes not manipedi's not dinner or dancing or whatever other insufferable bullshit your supposed to learn to further your chances of getting laid. Game included. Do you and plan your escape. That’s what im doing… im using this society to garner an engineers education and then im doing everything possible to get the fuck out of dodge, and you, you can come with me… not literally of course but you can do the same. The marriage strike, the man up articles, they are simply a harbinger of things to come. We want out, men wan out. And when we do get out, don’t be surprised when a precipitous decline in mal suicide follows


  1. White type on a black background is hard on the eyes, certainly for extended reading. At least for anyone over age 28.

    Please consider that.

  2. since you seem to have blocked me on youtube i just wanna ask are u a black man? because first and foremost i agree with alot of the mens right movement i cant agree with them because its dominated by mosty white males and as a black man racism from both white men and white women is a reality. so check out my blog i address alot of female manipulation issues but i still ground it in the larger sphere of colonialism and racism in america and around the world...

    1. i dont seem to remember blocking you, and i dont block people unless they have consistently earned it. racially speaking i am mixed hispanic, so yes i am at least in part black. however i am not interested in racial issues and i focus pretty much exclusively on feminism.

  3. I find it a pity that you should again ascribe to Evolutionary Psychology conclusions that don't belong to it. If there is one field of science that is a thorn in the side of feminism, that's Evolutionary Psychology.